Canadian Grain Commission
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Dave Hatcher PhD

Program Manager, Asian Products and Wheat Enzymes
Crops Section
Grain Research Laboratory

Canadian Grain Commission employee since 1984.

Area of expertise includes:

  • Investigation of biochemical components responsible for colour and texture of wheat products
  • Texture measurement of food products, gluten proteins and enzymes responsible for influencing wheat products and noodle quality


Plant science/biochemistry
University of Manitoba

Master of Science
Plant science/biochemistry
University of Manitoba

Bachelor of Science (4 year program)
Biochemistry/environmental studies
University of Winnipeg

Professional affiliations and development

Chair, Standard Council of Canada, Technical Committee 34, Grains and Pulses, 2007-present

Member, Western Standards Committee Wheat Sub-committee, 2000-present

Member, Prairie Grain Development Committee, Wheat, Rye & Triticale Quality sub-committee, 1999-present

Chair, AACC Enzyme Technical Committee, 1998-2008

Chair, American Association of Cereal Chemists' (AACC) Asian Products Technical Committee, 1997-2001


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