Canadian Grain Commission
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Mandate, vision and values

The work of the Canadian Grain Commission is guided by our mandate, vision and values.


The Canadian Grain Commission works in the interests of grain producers. Guided by the Canada Grain Act, the Canadian Grain Commission works to establish and maintain standards of quality for Canadian grain, regulate grain handling in Canada, and to ensure that grain is a dependable commodity for domestic and export markets.


Our vision is to be “a leader in delivering excellence and innovation in grain quality and quantity assurance, research, and producer protection.”


Our core values shape how we fulfill our mandate and vision. The 8 core values of the Canadian Grain Commission are: excellence, integrity, humanity, respect, accountability, courage, commitment and innovation.

Our work illustrates how we are guided by our values. For example,

  • Excellence and integrity are shown through our accuracy rate in grain grading, the ongoing demand for our analytical testing services and the continuing demand for the scientific evaluation of the quality of Canadian grain.
  • Humanity and respect are shown in our collaborative workplace practices.
  • Accountability is shown when we work with producers and the grain industry to set grain standards and when we consult with members of the grain sector about their concerns.
  • Courage and commitment are shown as we deliver unbiased services to the Canadian grain industry.
  • Innovation is shown by the research in grain quality and safety.