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Can’t agree on grade and dockage?

At the time of delivery, ask for a Canadian Grain Commission inspection Subject to Inspector’s Grade and Dockage.

“Subject to grade and dockage” form; grain sample

Take a representative sample

The quality and grade of your grain can vary from bin to bin. Knowing how to take a representative sample of grain from bins could save you time and money. Sample a grain bin.

4 pails: 2 marked A, 2 marked B

Official Grain Grading Guide

Refer to the guide for grain grading instructions and grade specifications for grains, oilseeds and pulses.

Official Grain Grading Guide

Producer advisory

As of May 9, 2015, Naber Specialty Grains Ltd. of Melfort, Saskatchewan is no longer licensed by the Canadian Grain Commission.

Help the Government of Canada organize information on related to rail transportation, including shipping grain by producer car. Complete an anonymous 15 to 20-minute usability testing activity. Start now.

Changes proposed for the Canada Grain Act

Bill C-48, the Modernization of Canada’s Grain Industry Act, was tabled in Parliament on December 9, 2014.

More about Bill C-48

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