Orders of the Canadian Grain Commission

Variety designation lists

Under the Canada Grain Act, the Canadian Grain Commission has the authority to designate the class of grain for which new grain varieties are eligible. The variety designation lists, maintained by the Canadian Grain Commission, for Canadian wheat, barley and flaxseed include all varieties eligible for each class.

The purpose of the Canadian Grain Commission's variety designation lists is to help producers and grain handlers identify which varieties are eligible for the top grades of each class. The Canadian grain industry uses the lists to keep ineligible varieties from undermining the quality of grain shipments and possibly causing problems for end users.

Variety designation orders by class of grade, includes order number and date issued or amended

Class of grain Order number Date issued or amended
Barley, Canada Eastern Hulless Malting, Six-Row 2014-20 2014-07-01
Barley, Canada Eastern Hulless Malting, Two-Row 2014-19 2014-07-01
Barley, Canada Eastern Malting, Six-Row 2014-09 2014-07-01
Barley, Canada Eastern Malting, Two-Row 2014-08 2014-08-15
Barley, Canada Western Experimental 2014-27 2014-08-01
Barley, Canada Western Six-Row Hulless Malting Barley 2014-41 2014-08-01
Barley, Canada Western Two-Row Hulless Malting Barley 2014-40 2014-08-01
Barley, Canada Western Malting, Six-Row 2014-29 2014-08-01
Barley, Canada Western Malting, Two-Row Variety 2014-28 2014-08-21
Flaxseed, Canada Eastern 2014-17 2014-11-01
Flaxseed, Canada Western 2014-39 2014-11-01
Wheat, Canada Eastern Amber Durum 2014-07 2014-08-12
Wheat, Canada Eastern Feed 2014-10 2014-07-01
Wheat, Canada Eastern Hard Red Winter 2014-14 2014-07-01
Wheat, Canada Eastern Hard White Spring 2014-11 2014-07-01
Wheat, Canada Eastern Hard White Winter 2014-18 2014-07-01
Wheat, Canada Eastern Red Spring 2014-12 2014-07-01
Wheat, Canada Eastern Soft Red Winter 2014-15 2014-09-09
Wheat, Canada Eastern Soft White Spring 2014-13 2014-07-01
Wheat, Canada Eastern White Winter 2014-16 2014-08-15
Wheat, Canada Prairie Spring Red 2014-34 2014-09-09
Wheat, Canada Prairie Spring White 2014-35 2014-08-01
Wheat, Canada Western Amber Durum 2014-26 2014-09-09
Wheat, Canada Western Experimental 2014-36 2014-08-01
Wheat, Canada Western Extra Strong 2014-37 2014-08-01
Wheat, Canada Western Feed 2014-30 2014-08-01
Wheat, Canada Western General Purpose 2014-25 2014-09-09
Wheat, Canada Western Hard White Spring 2014-31 2014-08-01
Wheat, Canada Western Red Spring 2014-32 2014-09-30
Wheat, Canada Western Red Winter 2014-38 2014-08-01
Wheat, Canada Western Soft White Spring 2014-33 2014-08-01

Other orders

Other orders by order name, includes order number and date issued or amended

Order Order number Date issued or amended
Brassica Juncea Canola, Canada (CAN) 2014-21 2014-08-01
Calculation of moisture shrinkage allowance for grain artificially dried at primary elevators 2014-03 2014-08-01
Deer, Antelope, Elk or Moose Excreta 2014-05 2014-08-01
Non-registered varieties of peas, beans, lentils 2014-04 2014-08-01
Off grades of grain and grades of screenings   2013-08-01
Producer car order 2014-01 2014-08-01
Railway car fumigation declaration 2014-02 2014-08-01
Receipt and discharge of foreign grain at licensed terminal elevators 2014-06 2014-08-01
Split Peas, Canada Green (CAN) 2014-23 2014-08-01
Split Peas, Canada Yellow (CAN) 2014-24 2014-08-01