Calculation of Moisture Shrinkage Allowance for Grain Artificially Dried at Primary Elevators

Order number 2017-01

July 31, 2017


  1. The Canadian Grain Commission (the “Commission”) has authority under section 118(h) of the Canada Grain Act to make orders constituting directives to the trade.
  2. Operators of licenced primary elevators may, under section 38.1 of the Canada Grain Regulations, dry tough, damp, moist or wet grain with orders of the Commission.
  3. This order is made by a quorum of 2 Commissioners.

The Commission makes the following order:

  1. The moisture shrinkage allowed for tough, damp, moist or wet grain artificially dried at the producer’s request at primary elevators is calculated as follows:

    The difference between the percentage of moisture content before drying and after drying is multiplied by one hundred and the resulting figure is divided by the difference between one hundred and the percentage of moisture content after drying.

    i.e. (% moisture before drying - % moisture after drying) x 100 = % moisture shrinkage (100% - % moisture after drying)

  2. Moisture shrinkage arrived at in accordance with section 1 of this order shall be calculated on the weight of the grain delivered (scale weight) and shall be recorded by the elevator manager for review by the Commission.

  3. In the case of all grains artificially dried except as may be authorized by the Commission, the minimum percentage of moisture content after drying that may be used to calculate moisture shrinkage pursuant to section 1 of this order is zero and one-tenth (0.1%) less than the minimum moisture content specified as tough for that grain in Schedules I and II of the Off Grades of Grain and Grades of Screenings Order.

This order will be in effect for the crop year commencing August 1, 2017 and continuing until July 31, 2018, unless revoked earlier.

Doug Chorney
Assistant Chief Commissioner

Lonny McKague

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