Maximum Number of Producers That May Load a Producer Railway Car

Order number 2017-02

July 31, 2017


  1. The Canadian Grain Commission (the “Commission”) may, under subsection 87(1) of the Canada Grain Act (the “Act”) designate by order the maximum number of producers that may apply in writing to the Commission, in the prescribed form, for a producer railway car to receive and carry grain to a terminal elevator or process elevator or to a consignee at a destination other than an elevator.
  2. This order is made by a quorum of 2 Commissioners.

The Commission makes the following order:

  1. The number of producers who may load a single producer railway car is limited to five.

This order will be in effect for the crop year commencing August 1, 2017 and continuing until July 31, 2018, unless revoked earlier.

Doug Chorney
Assistant Chief Commissioner

Lonny McKague

Date modified: