Varieties of flaxseed designated as the class Flaxseed, Canada Eastern (CE)

Order number 2017-34-1 - Variety designation list

October 6, 2017

List of varieties designated as the class Flaxseed, Canada Eastern (CE)


  1. The Canadian Grain Commission (the "Commission") has authority under section 16(1) of the Canada Grain Act (the "Act") to establish, by regulation, grades and grade names for western and eastern grain.
  2. Grades and grade names established by the Commission for some grains, in the Canada Grain Regulations, provide for different classes which are, under section 2 of the Act, a variety or varieties of grain designated by order of the Commission.
  3. This order is made by a quorum of 2 Commissioners.

The Commission makes the following order:

  1. Commission Order No. 2017-34 – Flaxseed, Canada Eastern (CE), issued July 31, 2017 is revoked and replaced with this order.
  2. The Commission establishes the class Flaxseed, Canada Eastern (CE) and designates the varieties of flaxseed listed below as the class.
  • AAC Bravo
  • AAC Prairie Sunshine
  • AC Carnduff
  • AC Emerson
  • AC Linora
  • AC McDuff
  • AC NuggetFootnote 1
  • AC Watson
  • CDC Bethune
  • CDC Buryu
  • CDC DoradoFootnote 1
  • CDC Glas
  • CDC MelynFootnote 1
  • CDC Neela
  • CDC Plava
  • CDC Sanctuary
  • CDC Sorrel
  • Hanley
  • Lightning
  • Macbeth
  • McGregor
  • NorLin
  • OmegaFootnote 1 Footnote 3
  • Prairie Blue
  • Prairie Grande
  • Prairie Sapphire
  • Prairie Thunder
  • ShapeFootnote 2
  • Taurus
  • Topaz
  • Vimy
  • VT50Footnote 1
  • Westlin 60
  • Westlin 70
  • Westlin 71
  • Westlin 72

This order will be in effect for the crop year commencing July 1, 2017 and continuing until June 30, 2018, unless revoked earlier.

Doug Chorney
Assistant Chief Commissioner

Lonny McKague

In accordance with Section 28 of the Canada Grain Act, varieties not designated by the Canadian Grain Commission to a specific class or varieties which are not a registered variety under the Seeds Act will only be eligible for the lowest grade for that kind of grain.

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