Applying for and using producer cars to ship grain in Canada

New Apply for a producer car online

Producer car administrators and producers who are administering their own producer cars can apply for producer cars online as of July 14, 2014. To get started simply register and follow the steps to apply.

Note: Producer car administrators must apply using the online system. They may not apply via fax for the 2014-15 crop year. Producers who are administering their own producer cars may still choose to apply via fax.

Fee for processing an application for a producer railway car.

Shipping grain by a producer car can involve several different players. The Canadian Grain Commission is responsible for allocating cars. The railways (Canadian Pacific Railway Limited, Canadian National Railway Company and short line railways) are also involved. When a part of the process is handled by Canadian Pacific Railway Limited or Canadian National Railway Company you will be directed to that web site for more information.




Shipping documents and releasing cars


Settling and charges

Requesting reinspection

Settling a dispute

Producer Car contacts

Garth Steidl
Producer Car Officer
Telephone: 204-983-3368

Richard Daly
Assistant Producer Car Officer
Telephone: 204-984-2079