Ship grain by producer railway cars

Under the Canada Grain Act, grain producers are entitled to order producer railway cars through the Canadian Grain Commission to ship any grain designated as such under the Canada Grain Act. Producer railway cars are used to ship grain directly to a particular destination and provide producers a delivery alternative to the licensed grain handling system. Producers have the option to deal directly with the Canadian Grain Commission and self-administer their cars or use an administrator who submits a completed producer car application on their behalf to the Canadian Grain Commission.

Shipping grain by a producer car can involve several different players. The Canadian Grain Commission is responsible for allocating producer cars. The railways (Canadian Pacific (CP), Canadian National (CN) and short line railways) are also involved as they operate the rail networks. When a part of the process is handled by CP or CN, you will be directed to that web site for more information.


Apply for a producer railway car online

Producer railway car administrators and producers who are administering their own producer railway cars can apply for a producer railway car online. To get started simply register and follow the steps to apply.



Settling for grain and charges incurred


Grain shipping calendar, 2016-17

The shipping year runs from July 30, 2016 to July 29, 2017. There are 52 weeks in this crop year; week 1 starts the first week of August and week 52 on July 23.

The calendar is available as a PDF. Grain shipping calendar, 2016-17 (134 kb)

Grain shipping calendar, January 2017

Grain shipping calendar, February 2017