Moisture content calculator for high moisture grain

Use this calculator when the moisture content of the grain is higher than the limit for your moisture meter. For UGMA (Unified Grain Moisture Algorithm) style moisture meters, a sample exceeding the limits will give an error message stating that the moisture is too high. For model 919/3.5” or equivalent moisture meters, the limits can be found on our moisture conversion tables.

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Moisture testing steps for high moisture grain

  1. Take a sample of grain and ensure it is free of dockage
  2. Weigh out a larger portion of the original sample than is required for testing on your moisture meter and record the weight
  3. Spread your sample on paper in a single layer and let the sample dry at room temperature Go to related form input field.
  1. Weigh the air-dried sample and record the weight Go to related form input field.
  2. Mix the sample thoroughly
  1. Measure the moisture content of your air-dried sample on your moisture meter
  2. Repeat step 6 twice more for a total of 3 moisture meter readings
  3. Calculate the average of 3 meter readings and record the result Go to related form input field.
  1. Enter your results from Steps 2, 4 and 8 in the calculator

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