Canadian Grain Commission

The Canadian Grain Commission is a federal government agency. It regulates grain handling in Canada and certifies the quality, safety and quantity of export shipments of Canadian grain. The Canadian Grain Commission is Canada’s scientific research organization on grain quality.

The Canadian Grain Commission

  • Delivers grain quality assurance programs and oversees quantity assurance at export
  • Carries out scientific research to understand all aspects of grain quality and grain safety and to support the grain grading system
  • Protects the rights of Canadian grain producers when they deliver their grain to licensed grain handling companies and grain dealers.

Its programs and services support a competitive, efficient grain sector and uphold Canada’s international reputation for consistent and reliable grain quality.

Canadian Grain Commission's head office in Winnipeg, Manitoba.
The Canadian Grain Commission's head office building (centre) is a landmark in Winnipeg, Manitoba. With its top floors that jut out from the lower floors, the building is an instantly recognizable part of the skyline.