Audit of the Eastern Regional Office

Appendix B – Impact of Recommendations

The following categories have been applied to each recommendation within this report. Categories are defined as follows:



  • will improve management controls or control environment for the overall program/process/area/division/etc.
  • may take considerable effort to implement within the operational environment or may involve a significant change
  • may have a significant financial impact
  • likely results in assumption of a substantial risk if not implemented (ex. decreased efficiency, higher risk of errors, lost cost savings opportunities)



  • will improve management controls in that area
  • will improve efficiency and/or effectiveness of operations in that area
  • is not likely to require a significant effort to implement
  • may have some financial impact; could be a less significant item that could accumulate over time to create a larger impact



  • promotes a good management practice
  • likely improves day-to-day work experience
  • likely requires minimal effort to implement
  • will have limited financial or operational impact