Financial statements, March 31, 2015

7.6. Notes to financial statements: Salaries payable

With the legislative changes to the Canada Grain Act, a segment of the Canadian Grain Commission work force became eligible for the provision of termination benefits. As a result, the Canadian Grain Commission has recorded an obligation for termination benefits as part of salaries payable to reflect the estimated workforce adjustment costs. As the changes were implemented, employees received their termination benefits and there is a portion of these benefits payable in future years.

Salaries Payable (in thousands of dollars), 2015 and 2014
  2015 $ 2014 $
Employee termination liability, beginning of year 1,666 15,887
Expense for the year 715 (1,216)
Benefits paid during the year (1,219) (13,005)
Employee termination liability, end of year 1,162 1,666
Other salary costs including benefits 2,659 1,658
Salaries Payable 3,821 3,324