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Trade agreements coverage summary

Bidding to provide goods or services or both follows processes as determined in the various agreement categories.

Thresholds shown for both goods and services determine the point at which a given category's processes are considered. These values include tax.

Procurements may be covered by more than one agreement category; in that case, processes found in the most restrictive qualifying category are applied.

Where procurements made by the Canadian Grain Commission are not subject to trade agreements, standard departmental processes apply.

The table shown below is provided as a brief guide only. For an in-depth explanation call Public Works and Government Services Canada.

Trade agreements coverage summary in brief
Agreement Category Threshold for Goods Threshold for Services Canadian Content Policy Applicability Canadian International Tribunal Bid Challenge Authority
Comprehensive Land Claims Agreements (CLCA) No threshold. Applies to all procurements regardless of value No threshold. Applies to all procurements regardless of value Yes No
North American Free Trade Agreement (NFTA) $37 200 $80 900 - Construction $10.5 million No Yes
World Trade Organization Agreement on Government Procurement (WTO-AGP) $261 200 $261 200 - Construction $10 million No Yes
Agreement on International Trade (AIT) $25 000 $100 000 - Construction $100 000 Yes Yes