Organization of the Canadian Grain Commission

The Canadian Grain Commission is a federal government agency.

The Canadian Grain Commission operates under the authority of the Canada Grain Act. Its budget comes from a combination of fees it charges for its services and funds received from Parliament. The Canadian Grain Commission reports to Parliament through the Minister of Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada.

The Canadian Grain Commission is an agency of the government established by the Canada Grain Act. It has the following powers and responsibilities:

  • Quasi-judicial powers to determine rights, resolve disputes and impose penalties
  • Responsibility for making regulations and orders
  • Responsibility for providing services to Canadians

Organization structure

Commissioners of the Canadian Grain Commission

A Chief Commissioner, an Assistant Chief Commissioner and a Commissioner head the Canadian Grain Commission. The Chief Commissioner supervises and directs the operations of the Canadian Grain Commission. The Assistant Chief Commissioner acts in the absence of the Chief Commissioner.

The Commissioners

  • Set the organization’s strategic direction and vision
  • Establish policy
  • Administer and enforce the Canada Grain Act
  • Arbitrate disputes
  • Report to the Minister of Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada

Chief Operating Officer

The Chief Operating Officer heads the Canadian Grain Commission’s operations. The Chief Operating Officer:

  • Co-ordinates and oversees the delivery of programs, services and activities of the Canadian Grain Commission’s 4 divisions: Industry Services, Corporate Services, the Grain Research Laboratory and Finance
  • Reports to the Chief Commissioner

Operational Divisions

The directors of each operational division report to the Chief Operating Officer.

Audit and Evaluation Services

Audit and Evaluation Services provides services to Canadian Grain Commission clients and staff.

Corporate Services

Corporate Services provides services to the Canadian Grain Commission’s external clients and its employees.


Finance handles finances of the Canadian Grain Commission including accounts payable and accounts receivable.

Grain Research Laboratory

The Grain Research Laboratory conducts research on grain quality and safety.

Industry Services

Industry Services provides inspection, grading and weighing services. It certifies Canadian grain for export.


The Canadian Grain Commission has representatives on 2 committees: the Eastern Standards Committee and the Western Standards Committee.

Grain standards committees

The Eastern Standards Committees and Western Standards Committees recommend specifications for grades of grain, select and recommend standards samples to the Canadian Grain Commission.