Test weight conversion charts for Canadian grains

The test weight conversion charts are based on accumulated data over crop years, representing changes in growing environment and crop varieties. The data is limited only by the number of samples available for inclusion. The test weight conversion charts are updated to reflect changes in dominant crop varieties and environmental conditions affecting crop quality. Conversion charts for some crops such as triticale are not available due to a lack of data, or where official inspection does not include test weight as a grade-determining factor, such as for peas and lentils.

Conversion charts

The test weight conversion chart for canola is made available for the purposes of bushel weight determinations only. Test weight is not a grade determining factor for canola.

Background information on the derivation of the test weight conversion chart

g/0.5 L

Determined using the operational Test Weight methodology outlined in the Canadian Grain Commission Official Grain Grading Guide. The method incorporates a Cox funnel, 0.5-litre cylindrical shaped cup (also referred to as a measure), hardwood striker and digital electronic scale.


Derived from g/0.5 L, using Canadian Grain Commission developed regression equations to predict the approximate kg/hL as would have been determined by standard Schopper Chondrometer methodology.

lb/Avery bu (lb/A bu)

Derived by dividing the predicted approximate kg/hL by 1.247. The value 1.247 represents the arithmetic relationship between the lb/British Dry Bushel and kg/hL:

  1. 1 British Bushel = 0.3637 hectolitre
  2. 1 kg = 1000 grams
  3. 1 lb = 453.59 grams
  4. kg/hL = 0.45359/0.3637 = 1.247 lb/bu (arithmetic conversion)

Note: Allowing for grain compaction

The Canadian Grain Commission predicted approximate kg/hL by definition takes into account the compaction of grain. Conversion to approximate lb/bu from this number will result in the lb/bu figure also allowing for grain compaction and therefore is referred to as Avery.

lb/Winchester bu (lb/W bu)

Derived by multiplying the g/0.5 L measurement by 0.1552. The value 0.1552 represents the arithmetic relationship between g/0.5 L and lb/Winchester bushel:

  1. 1 lb = 453.59 grams
  2. 0.5 L = 500 cm3
  3. Win Bushel = 35 200 cm3 = 70.4/0.5-litre container
  4. The arithmetic multiplier then is 70.4/453.59 = 0.1552

Note: Not allowing for grain compaction

  1. The U.S. Winchester bushel (1.244 feet3) is smaller than the British or Imperial Bushel (1.2843 feet3).
  2. The lb/Winchester bushel is an arithmetic conversion which does NOT allow for grain compaction.

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