Experimental grades of wheat: Criteria for designation as experimental grades

Experimental grades for selected varieties of wheat have been established to allow Canadian agricultural entities to market test varieties that do not readily fit into the existing grade structure, but which show some promise for acceptability in world markets.

A variety is eligible to be assigned to the grades defined in the experimental grade schedules only if the variety is designated by the Canadian Grain Commission.

The criteria for a variety to be eligible for designation are the following:

  • There is evidence that Canadian producers will derive a benefit from its production either immediately or in the future.
  • There is supportive data for its agronomic characteristics and end-use quality.
  • The variety will be produced under contract to the sponsoring organization.
  • The variety will remain in the program for a specified period.

When a variety is no longer eligible for the experimental grades, the sponsoring organization purchases and disposes of all existing stocks to prevent adulteration of registered varieties unless the Canadian Grain Commission establishes a grade schedule for that variety and any other varieties of that grain having similar qualities.

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