Sampling Systems Handbook and Approval Guide

5. Canadian Grain Commission approved sample dividing equipment

A Boerner-type divider is the only divider approved for use by the Canadian Grain Commission. It is a gravity-operated dividing apparatus that reduces a grain sample to smaller equal portions. The sample is placed in the upper hopper and released by opening the valve located in the hopper throat. The sample flows downward and is evenly dispersed over a cone with evenly spaced separations. The divided sample is then directed into two grain streams which empty into two collecting pans at the bottom.

Boerner-type divider

Diagram of a CGC approved Boerner-type divider.

Procedure for dividing a sample using the Boerner-type divider:

  1. Clean the divider and the collection pans.
  2. Close the valve at the bottom of the hopper and place a collecting pan under each of the two outlets.
  3. Pour the grain into the hopper.
  4. Open the valve quickly. The grain will fall by gravity over the cone where it will be evenly distributed through the channels and spaces. The grain is divided into two halves, with each part being collected in one of the two collecting pans.
  5. To mix the grain, take the collecting pans and repeat steps 2 to 4 at least once for free-flowing grain and at least twice for chaffy grain.
  6. For sample reduction, repeat steps 2 to 4. This will result in about one-half of the sample in each collecting pan.
  7. If smaller sub-samples are required, repeat steps 2 to 4 with the content of one of the collecting pans - always use the collecting pan from the same side.
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