Grain Research Laboratory

The Canadian Grain Commission’s Grain Research Laboratory supports Canada’s reputation as a consistent and reliable supplier of quality grain. Our research programs assess Canadian grain harvest quality and study how grading factors affect end-use properties. We evaluate and develop methods used to assess the quality and safety of Canadian grain. We also develop new uses for Canadian grain and evaluate new varieties as part of the variety registration program.

Research programs

Information on our research programs

Key activities

Information on our key activities


Directory of scientists, sort by expertise

Annual Program Report

Each year we publish a report featuring a message from our director, articles about our latest research and highlights from the past year.

Scientific reports

Scientific and technical reports are authored by research scientists and staff at the Canadian Grain Commission. They include published papers, conference proceedings, book chapters and reports.

Science strategy

The latest strategy guiding the Canadian Grain Commission’s science and research activities

Proficiency testing

Information on proficiency tests developed by the Grain Research Laboratory and lists of laboratories capable of performing tests to the required standards.

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