Grain Research Laboratory

The research conducted by the Canadian Grain Commission’s Grain Research Laboratory falls under two categories: crop research and technology research.

Crop research

Crop research programs include:

  • Bread Wheat and Durum Research
  • Milling and Malting/Research on Barley and Other Grains
  • Pulse Research
  • Oilseeds

Research related to crops assesses Canadian grain harvest quality and studies how grading factors affect end-use properties. Crop research also develops new uses for Canadian grain and evaluates new varieties as part of the variety registration process.

Technology research

Technology research programs include:

  • Trace Organics and Trace Elements Analysis
  • Microbiology and Grain Genomics
  • Grain Biotechnology
  • Analytical Services

Research related to technology evaluates and develops methods used to assess the quality and safety of Canadian grain.

Annual Program Report

Key activities

Cargo quality monitoring

Provides analytical testing of export grain shipments (example, mycotoxins, pesticides, variety composition) to ensure they meet Canada’s grading and quality parameters.

Plant breeder line evaluation

Provides testing and recommendations for the advancement of breeder line seed.

Harvest Sample Program

A yearly survey of the crop quality for that year’s harvest. Producers send in a voluntary sample of their harvest, and in return receive a free, unofficial Canadian Grain Commission grade. Data from this survey is used to generate a harvest quality report of Canadian grain.

Requests for service analysis

Provides analytical services of samples submitted by the industry for testing, at times for a fee.


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