Direction for the industry

Acts and regulations

The Canadian Grain Commission has the responsibility and authority to propose and enforce laws and regulations that establish and maintain standards of quality for Canadian grain, regulate grain handling in Canada, and ensure the dependability of grain as a commodity for domestic and export markets.

Grain safety and Identity preservation

Become an accredited third-party service provider or obtain a Canadian Grain Commission certification.

Product segregation codes

Product segregation codes and product codes are numeric codes created and used by the Canadian Grain Commission and grain industry stakeholders.


Orders of the Canadian Grain Commission include the variety designation lists as well as other orders. The Commission makes orders when necessary to fulfill its mandate.

Policies and procedures

Policies establish a framework under which the authority of the Canada Grain Act or Canada Grain Regulations are applied.

Trade memos

Also known as Memoranda of the Canadian Grain Commission, memos provide general information and/or instructions. They might include information such as grading instructions and requirements to obtain special permission.

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