Sample Temperature for Moisture Testing of Peas

Due to concerns raised regarding inconsistent moisture results when testing cold vs. warm grain, the Canadian Grain Commission (CGC) recommends pea samples be warmed to at least 11°C prior to moisture testing. This recommendation is applicable to all moisture testers, including 919 type and Unified Grain Moisture Algorithm (UGMA) type meters. The UGMA models include the Perten AM5200-A and the DICKEY-john GAC2500-INTL.

This recommendation is to serve as an interim measure until further research is conducted by the CGC. It is our hope that this recommendation will help align practices amongst various sectors in the Canadian grain industry and facilitate accuracy and precision of moisture determination throughout. To properly warm up cold samples, the CGC recommends a natural warming method where samples are warmed in a moisture-proof container at room temperature and away from direct heat sources until they reach at least 11°C. The Canadian Grain Commission does not recommend the use of microwave ovens to warm grain samples prior to moisture testing.

Once our research is completed, the CGC will communicate its findings to the Canadian grain industry accordingly. More information regarding Tough and Damp ranges for all official Canadian grains can be found at

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