Receipt and discharge of foreign grain at licensed terminal elevators

Order number 2018-48

July 31, 2018


  1. The Canada Grain Act (the “Act”) does not require segregation of foreign grain in a terminal elevator.
  2. Where grain in a terminal elevator is exported by vessel, terminal elevator operators are required under the Act to cause the grain to be officially weighed and officially inspected. If the grain to be exported is a comingled shipment of grain grown in Canada, and grown outside Canada, the Canadian Grain Commission (the “Commission”) certifies the grain as "Mixed Canadian and Foreign Grain.".
  3. This order is made to ensure that terminal elevators provide the Commission with the information necessary to ensure shipments containing both foreign and Canadian grain are correctly certified.
  4. Questions regarding this order should be directed to the office of the Chief Grain Inspector at 204-983-2780 or the Chief of Weighing at 604-364-7090.

The Commission makes the following order:

  1. When licensed terminal elevators request official weighing and inspection by the Commission, the request must provide the Commission with the expected weight and grade name applicable to the co-mingled shipment, using the grade name set out in the Canadian Grain Commission Product Code.

This order will be in effect for the crop year commencing August 1, 2018 and continuing until July 31, 2019, unless revoked earlier.

Patti Miller
Chief Commissioner

Doug Chorney
Assistant Chief Commissioner

Lonny McKague

Date modified: