Quality of western Canadian flaxseed 2015

Preliminary quality data

December 16, 2015

Comments on the quality data for western Canadian flaxseed, as at December 16, 2015

This year’s harvest sample program received 300 samples to date, which include 40 from Manitoba, 221 from Saskatchewan and 39 from Alberta and the Peace River Region of British Columbia. Approximately 99% of the Flax samples were graded as Flaxseed, No. 1 Canada Western however later arriving samples may be graded lower due to damaged or heated seed.

This year Flaxseed, No. 1 Canada Western has a mean oil content of 45.6% at dry basis (DB).  This is similar to last year’s mean of 45.6% (DB).  The ten year mean for No. 1 Canada Western Flaxseed is 45.6% (DB).

Crude protein levels for Flaxseed, No. 1 Canada Western has a mean of 22.7% (DB) which is higher than last year’s mean of 21.1% (DB), and higher than the ten year average of 22.3% (DB). 

This year’s crop is showing the same mean as last year with an iodine value of 191 units. The ten year average for iodine value is 191 units.

These results reflect Flaxseed, No. 1 Canada Western which has been submitted to the Canadian Grain Commission as of December 16, 2015.