Determine moisture content for Canadian grains

Determining the moisture content for Canadian grains is an important factor in grain quality and storage. Calculators, tables and guidelines are available for you to use.

Conversion tables

Moisture meter conversion tables let you convert the temperature and the reading on the meter to percentage moisture content.


Our moisture determination guidelines can be used by producers and elevator operators who use one of these moisture meters:

  • Model 919/3.5”
  • Model 393/3.5”

Tough and damp moisture ranges

We provide tough and damp moisture ranges for cereal grains, oilseeds, pulses and other grains.

Grain is identified as tough if the moisture content exceeds the straight range established for that class of grain but is not damp. Grain is identified as damp if the moisture content exceeds the tough range defined for that class of grain.


Contacts for moisture meter testing and meter service locations.

Contact a Canadian Grain Commission moisture technician if you have questions about moisture meter testing, conversion tables or guidelines. We also provide a listing moisture meter service locations.