The Canada Grain Act establishes the Canadian Grain Commission and gives it the authority to regulate grain handling in Canada. The Canadian Grain Regulations provide greater detail about the rules under which the Canadian grain industry operates.

Memos to the trade, orders, and policies are used by the Canadian Grain Commission to guide or direct the grain industry. The Canadian Grain Commission issues them under the authority of either the Act or Regulations.


Policies establish a framework under which the authority of the Canada Grain Act or Canada Grain Regulations are applied. Policies are effective on the date which they are issued, and are reviewed regularly.

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Trade memos

Also known as Memoranda of the Canadian Grain Commission, memos provide general information and/or instructions. They might include information such as grading instructions and requirements to obtain special permission.

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Orders of the Canadian Grain Commission include the variety designation lists as well as other orders. The Canada Grain Act authorize the Commission to make orders, often making exceptions to the general requirements of the statute. They are considered specific application. The Canadian Grain Commission may rescind them at any time.

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Did you know?

Under the Canada Grain Act, the Canadian Grain Commission has the authority to designate the class of grain for which new grain varieties are eligible.