Ruptured Kernel Tolerance

This is to confirm Memorandum 2013-06 dated August 1, 2013 concerning the tolerance for ruptured kernels of 2.0% was implemented for the following grades of wheat is still in effect:

  • Wheat, No. 1 CWRS
  • Wheat, No. 1 CWHWS

This tolerance is a result of the research conducted by the Grain Research Laboratory.  Work is continuing with the Grain Research Laboratory to develop tolerances for the remaining grades of CWRS and CWHWS, as well as for all grades of other classes of wheat.

Other than for the grades outlined above, ruptured kernels will continue to be treated as "severely damaged" kernels for grading purposes and will be assessed against the "degree of soundness" criteria for each grade.

If you have any questions or comments, please contact Gino Castonguay at 204-983-2780.

Gino Castonguay
Chief Grain Inspector for Canada

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