Grain Shipments to Mexico

This memo is a reminder that paragraph 84(b) of the Canada Grain Act requires that anyone shipping grain out of Canada must obtain written permission from the Canadian Grain Commission (the CGC).

There is an exception to that provision, set out in paragraph 70(b) of the Canada Grain Regulations, for shipments by rail or truck to a final destination in the United States. That exception does not apply to shipments of grain destined to Mexico via the United States.

The CGC has a responsibility to ensure that quality issues are properly addressed for any grain being exported from Canada. The following is the information that the CGC needs, and what will be asked of the industry, in order for the CGC to grant permission for the rail/truck movement of grain from Canada to Mexico via the United States:

  1. If third party quality or weight certification is not required by the buyer of the grain, the CGC will need the following information in writing in order to grant permission:
    • a) Sufficient documentation to satisfy the CGC that such certification is not required;
    • b) Expected date of the shipment;
    • c) Origin and destination of the shipment;
    • d) Tonnage and expected grade of grain being shipped; and
    • e) An undertaking to provide railcar numbers at the time of loading

    The above information will be used for statistical purposes.

    Requests for CGC permission to ship grain out of Canada without CGC certification should be sent to the CGC inspection manager where the grain is to be shipped from.

    Further information may be required, and conditions may be attached for permission to be granted by the CGC.

    If the CGC is not inspecting or weighing grain, the CGC cannot be involved in the resolution of any quality or weight disputes that may arise respecting that grain.

  2. If third party quality (sampling, analysis or inspection) or weight certification is required, the CGC will conduct the quality or weight certification at loading of the grain. Permission to ship need not be requested in writing if arrangements have been made through the appropriate CGC regional operations manager to be on site at loading.

If you have any questions, please contact Gino Castonguay, Chief Grain Inspector for Canada at (204) 983-2780

Gino Castonguay
Chief Grain Inspector for Canada

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