Standards and Guides- 2017

The Western and Eastern Standards Committees recently met and due to the quality of the 2017 crop and the ongoing work with the Grain Grading Modernization Project the CGC did not present any new standards or guides to the committees for approval. All of the current standard and guides will remain in effect for the 2017 -18 crop year.

A portion of the 2017 CPSR crop has been impacted by frost. Due to insufficient material to create CPSR frost guides, the CGC authorizes the use of the following CWRS frost guides to evaluate frost in the CPSR class.

Grade/ class Use the following guide
No. 1 CPSR No.2 CWRS Frost Guide
No. 2 CPSR No.3 CWRS Frost Guide


If you have any questions or comments, please contact Daryl Beswitherick at (204) 983-4627.

Daryl Beswitherick
Program Manager, National Inspection Standards

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