Buckwheat - Chapter 13 | Official Grain Grading Guide

Determining the size of buckwheat

1. Using a Boerner-type divider, divide a representative portion of approximately 250 g from the cleaned sample.

2. Set up the Carter dockage tester as follows:

Feed control #6
Air control Off
Riddle None
Top sieve No. 8 slotted
Centre sieve Blank tray
Bottom sieve None
Sieve cleaner control Off

3. Turn on the Carter dockage tester.

4. Pour the portion into the hopper.

5. Turn off the Carter dockage tester.

6. Determine the percentage by weight of the kernels passing through the No. 8 slotted sieve.

If the percentage of kernels passing through the No. 8 slotted sieve is . . . Then the buckwheat is . . .
20.0 or less Large
More than 20.0 Small