Fababeans – Chapter 21 | Official Grain Grading Guide

Export shipments

Shipments can be commercially clean or not commercially clean.

Commercially clean

Dockage is not reported for commercially clean shipments. A deduction for finely broken fababeans removed by the No. 8 slotted sieve as dockage is allowed

  • On shipments not for direct export, of up to 0.75%
  • On shipments for direct export, of up to 1.0%
Definition of commercial cleanliness, Fababeans
Grade name Foreign material
Material passing through No. 8 slotted sieve, including handpicked material % Total %
No. 1 Canada 0.1 0.2
No. 2 Canada 0.1 0.2
No. 3 Canada 0.1 0.2

Not commercially clean (NCC)

Shipments that do not meet the standards for commercial cleanliness are referred to as not commercially clean. Such shipments are permitted only with the permission of the Canadian Grain Commission.

For samples representing not commercially clean shipments approved by the Canadian Grain Commission for shipment from terminal elevators, dockage is reported to the nearest

  • 0.1% for samples representing shipments loaded from a single terminal elevator
  • 0.01% for composite samples representing shipments loaded from more than one terminal elevator
    less a direct deduction of up to 0.2% to take into account the buildup of attritional material for direct shipments only.


Where no export standards exist, fababeans on export are graded in accordance with primary grade standards.