Producer and industry request for inspection services - Western Canada - I-106

Including Subject to Inspectors’ Grade and Dockage

Instructions for completing form I-106

Detailed instructions on how to complete the form and make payment are included on the last page of form I-106.

The I-106 form is a multipurpose form intended for use by both producers and companies to request services of the Canadian Grain Commission. Clients requesting inspection of a submitted sample (including an analysis only) or a disputed sample under Subject to Inspectors Grade and Dockage are required to complete this form. Section A and B are different, fill out either section A or B, not both.

Section A: Submitted sample

Submitted sample is an unofficial sample provided by either a producer or a company. It is important that the sample be as representative of the lot as possible, however the certificate issued by the Canadian Grain Commission pertains only to the sample submitted and not to the entire lot of grain from which you take your sample. Clients requesting this service are required to complete sections A, C, D, E and F only. (Section B is left blank).

Section B: Subject to Inspectors Grade and Dockage

Subject to Inspectors Grade and Dockage is a mechanism to resolve disputes of grain grading for producer deliveries made into a primary grain elevator, and is binding on both parties. Producers (or the individual delivering grain on behalf of the producer), at the time of delivery, have the right to request an official and binding assessment of the grain quality, dockage and/or protein content. A representative sample, agreed upon by the producer (or the individual delivering on the producer’s behalf) and the elevator operator, is sent to the Canadian Grain Commission in a container that will maintain the integrity of the sample. Clients are required to complete sections B, C, D, E and F only. (Section A is left blank)


The I-106 form is available for downloading or printing in the following formats:

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