Quality of western Canadian peas 2013

This report presents the quality data for the 2013 harvest survey for western Canadian peas. Samples were submitted by western Canadian producers to the Canadian Grain Commission’s Grain Research Laboratory for analysis.

Growing and harvesting conditions

Cool temperatures in early spring resulted in delayed planting across the Prairies until May. In some areas, planting was delayed until June due to heavy rains. Warm, windy conditions, coupled with a lack of rainfall, depleted much of the surface soil moisture in some areas of Alberta, particularly in northern, central and southern regions. However, dry conditions helped seeding progress rapidly. Most seeding was completed by early June.

The weather across western Canada was relatively consistent during the growing season. Soil moisture conditions and warm weather in June and early July favoured early crop development. Exceptions were in parts of eastern Manitoba, where there were dry conditions, and in the Peace River region, where it was dry throughout the growing season. Elsewhere, soil moisture and weather conditions were excellent throughout most of the reproductive stage in late July and early August. As a result of these conditions, the crop matured with minimal stress and there was a long grain filling period, which resulted in larger, heavier seeds. 

Excellent weather conditions in late August and September advanced crop maturity and allowed harvest to progress rapidly. Dry conditions occurred in the Peace River region, northern Alberta and central Saskatchewan. Wet conditions in southern regions caused delays in harvest. However, most pea crops were in the bin by mid-October.


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