Protection for grain producers

The Canadian Grain Commission is mandated to serve producer interests by upholding the Canada Grain Act and as such has implemented a number of programs and safeguards to ensure the fair treatment of Canadian grain producers.

Find out how to get a grade dispute resolved; exercise your rights and follow the rules that apply to getting paid for the grain you deliver; apply for a producer car; and use a grading service before delivery.

Deliver grain and get paid

What you should know before delivering grain, upon delivery, and the rights and protection available.

Dispute your grain grade

If you (includes anyone delivering grain on your behalf) disagree with the licensed primary elevator’s assessment of your grain’s grade, dockage, moisture or protein, you have the right to ask that a sample be sent to us at the Canadian Grain Commission for a binding decision. This service is an inspection Subject to Inspector’s Grade and Dockage.

Make a payment claim

When you have not been paid for grain that you have delivered to a licensed primary elevator, process elevator or grain dealer you are able to make a payment claim.

Ship grain by producer railway cars

You have the right to apply for a railway car for shipping your grain to a destination you choose.

Submit a grain sample for grading

Send a representative sample of your grain to one of the Canadian Grain Commission’s service centres to get an impartial grade. A fee is charged.

Participate in the Harvest Sample Program

Sign up, send in a sample and get a personalized crop quality report at no charge.