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Application Package - CIPRS, CIPRS + HACCP and CGC HACCP

A – Instructions for submitting this application

Step 1. Complete and submit the application form (Appendix A)

Complete the application form, which is included as Appendix A. Submit the form by mail or email to the Process Verification and Accreditation Office. 

Your application must be signed by the CEO, Chairperson, President or owner.

Step 2. Determine if you are ready to be audited

Before scheduling your CIPRS, CGC HACCP or CIPRS + HACCP implementation audit, please ensure you meet the following criteria:

  • Your identity preserved and/or grain safety system is fully implemented and is working effectively.
  • Your identity preserved and/or grain safety system meets all the applicable requirements of the Canadian Grain Commission’s Food Safety & Identity Preserved Quality Management Standard.
  • You have successfully completed at least one internal audit of your entire identity preserved and/or grain safety system.
  • You have completed records for at least the last three months available for review.
  • You have held and documented a management review meeting.

In addition, if you are applying for CIPRS + HACCP or CGC HACCP, please ensure you meet the following criteria:

  • You have established a HACCP Team and at a minimum, the Team Leader has been formally trained on the principles and implementation of HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points).
  • Your written Good Operating Practices reflect your company’s operations and are followed by staff.
  • Your HACCP Plan reflects your company’s operations.
  • You have conducted a mock recalling, including for grain and non-grain inputs.

Appendix B is a checklist that can be used to determine if you are in compliance with the Grain Safety & Identity Preserved Quality Management Standard and ready for an implementation audit. It does not have to be submitted to your chosen ASP.

Step 3. Contact your accredited service provider (ASP)

Contact the Accredited Service Provider of your choice to discuss the particulars related to the submission of your documentation, choice of auditor, audit schedule, audit duration, and fees. The ASP will advise the Canadian Grain Commission of audit dates. 

B – Details on the audit process

Phase 1. Documentation review

Your identity preserved and/or grain safety system will first be evaluated by reviewing applicable documents. Applicable documents include your grain safety and quality management system manual, including your food safety and quality policy and objectives; quality system procedures; written good operations practices; HACCP plans and forms; and any other supporting documents.

The on-site verification audit may not proceed until any major deficiencies identified during the documentation review are corrected.

Phase 2. On-site audit

An on-site auditor will assess your identity preserved and/or grain safety system to ensure it is implemented as documented and properly maintained.

An auditor will walk through the facility and look for evidence that your programs are working as intended. Audit activities include but are not limited to: physical observation of your facility and operations, review of records and monitoring results.

During the on-site audit, an auditor will interview and observe personnel to ensure they are trained, understand their responsibilities, and are carrying out the required tasks as indicated in your documentation.

The duration of the audit will be determined through discussion between you and your chosen ASP. One-day audits are typical for small- and medium-sized companies.