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Canadian Identity Preserved Recognition System

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The Canadian Grain Commission’s Canadian Identity Preserved Recognition System (CIPRS) is a voluntary program. It certifies that a company’s identity preserved system for the production, handling and transportation of specialty grains, oilseeds or pulses is effective.

As part of the CIPRS program, a grain company documents and demonstrates processes that control production from the grower through to labelling and shipping. CIPRS focuses on process control as the best means to ensure a grain company can deliver the right product to its customer every time. CIPRS ensures a company’s identity preserved quality management system meets the standard created by the Canadian Grain Commission. The standard is designed to be compatible with quality management systems such as ISO (International Organization for Standardization).

Program components

The system is built on 3 components:

  • The Canadian Grain Commission’s Food Safety and Identity Preserved Quality Management System Standard sets out the requirements the identity preserved quality management system must meet, focusing on the need to identify and meet customer specifications.
  • Third party audits are conducted on identity preserved quality management systems by Canadian Grain Commission-accredited auditors to ensure that the Standard is being met.
  • A Certificate of Recognition is issued to a grain company after it has successfully undergone an audit. The certificate provides assurance that the grain company’s identity preserved processes are operating as they should, that potential grain safety risks are mitigated and that it meets the requirements of the FSIP Standard.

Tool kit

The Canadian Grain Commission provides these tools:

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