Accreditation of third party audit companies for grain sampling systems

Accreditation process

To become accredited to provide third party audits of grain sampling systems for Certified container sampling program, an audit company follows these steps:

  1. Complete and submit an application to the Canadian Grain Commission, providing evidence of compliance with the Canadian Grain Commission General Requirements for Accredited Service Providers (CGC ASP STAN 4.0).
  2. Have its application and supporting documentation reviewed by the Canadian Grain Commission.
  3. If necessary, have an audit conducted by the Canadian Grain Commission staff.

If the review (and audit) are successful, the organization is accredited to provide audit services against the Canadian Grain Commission’s Grain Sampling System Standard. Accredited audit companies are subject to oversight and monitoring by the Canadian Grain Commission which can include field observations of auditors while they conduct audits, review of auditor records, auditor conference calls and other aspects of the audit process.

Toolkit for third party audit companies

The Canadian Grain Commission provides these tools: