Accredited and certified container sampling programs

The Canadian Grain Commission’s accredited and certified container sampling programs were launched on August 1, 2012. These programs make Canadian Grain Commission certification more readily available for grain exported in containers. Canadian Grain Commission certification is based on inspection by Canadian Grain Commission inspectors.


  1. Accredited container sampler program (ACSP)
    • Allows grain companies to obtain official inspection and certification by the Canadian Grain Commission of their container shipments based on a sample taken by a Canadian Grain Commission-accredited third party.
  2. Certified container sampling program (CCSP)
    • Allows grain and transloading companies to take samples at their facilities and submit them to the Canadian Grain Commission for inspection.
  3. Accreditation of third party audit companies for grain sampling systems
    • Allows third party audit companies to conduct audits of grain sampling systems under the Certified container sampling program.
  4. Extension of accredited and certified container sampling programs to flaxseed shipments
    • Allows companies shipping flaxseed in containers to ship under the Sampling and testing protocol for flaxseed exported in containers for European Union and Brazil.

Process Verification and Accreditation contacts

Laura Anderson, National Manager
Telephone: 204-995-3215

Elaine Bernardin, Certification and Accreditation Advisor
Telephone: 204-984-6979

Melonie Stoughton-Ens, HACCP Technical Advisor
Telephone: 204-983-3635

900-303 Main Street
Winnipeg, Manitoba R3C 3G8
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