Evaluation of the Harvest Sample Program - Final Report


This report presents the findings of the evaluation of the Harvest Sample Program. The evaluation was undertaken by the management consulting firm Ference & Company to provide the Canadian Grain Commission with comprehensive and reliable evidence to support decisions regarding continued implementation of the program activities. The evaluation assessed the relevance, performance, efficiency and economy of the program, as outlined in the Treasury Board Policy on Evaluation (2009)Footnote1.

The report is divided into six 6 sections:

  • section 1 introduces the evaluation
  • section 2 outlines the evaluation scope
  • section 3 describes the methodology used to conduct the evaluation
  • section 4 provides a brief profile of the Harvest Sample Program including its purpose, design, delivery, resources, and expected outcomes
  • section 5 describes the key findings of the evaluation
  • section 6 outlines the evaluation conclusions and recommendations