Evaluation of the Harvest Sample Program - Final Report

Evaluation scope

This evaluation covered the period from April 1, 2010 to November 30, 2015. Where applicable, program documents, reports and historical data prior to 2010 have been used to identify historical trends and key changes that have impacted the program’s design, effectiveness, efficiency, and economy.

The evaluation addressed the following issues.


  • Extent to which the program continues to address a demonstrable need and is responsive to the needs of the various beneficiaries
  • Linkages between the objectives of the program, federal government priorities and Canadian Grain Commission strategic outcomes
  • Linkages of the objectives of the program with federal roles and responsibilities
  • Extent to which the program complements, duplicates or overlaps with other similar or related programs or initiatives in Canada


  • Extent of achievement of expected outcomes, with reference to program reach and design, including the linkage and contribution of the program outputs to intended immediate and intermediate program outcomes and the strategic outcome of the Canadian Grain Commission
  • Economy of resource utilization in relation to the production of outputs and progress toward expected outcomes of the program
  • Possible alternative program design and delivery options