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Using ultrasound to characterize fresh yellow alkaline noodles

Glossary of terms

Degree the strength of a sound wave is weakened by the material with which it is interacting.
Blend of sodium and potassium carbonate salts which make a noodle alkaline. Causes flavonoids in wheat to turn yellow. Consumers prefer yellow noodles.
Magnitude of a physical constant representing the capacity of a material for resisting deformation when subjected to external force.
Signifies that 2 treatments yielded statistically different results.
Science of the deformation and flow of matter. Used to explain how the properties of a material affect its deformation and flow under external forces. Example: Rheology would explain how a sensory response such as bread firmness is related to its physical behaviour under compression testing. (e.g. Maximum force is registered at 20% compression.)
Structural arrange of the components of a food and the stimuli that this structure imparts to the human sensory apparatus.
An enzyme. Causes proteins to link, stiffening the gluten protein structure in noodles.
How fast the sound wave can travel in a material.
A material displaying properties between those of liquid (viscous) and solid (elastic) materials.