Quality of Canadian food-type soybeans 2013

This report presents the quality data for the 2013 harvest survey of Canadian food-type soybeans conducted by the Canadian Grain Commission. Soybean samples for food uses such as tofu, soymilk, miso and natto were submitted by soybean producers and processors from across Manitoba, Ontario and Quebec to the Canadian Grain Commission’s Grain Research Laboratory for analysis.

Harvest survey samples

The Canadian Grain Commission received a total of 212 food-type soybean samples, consisting of 208 generic food-type samples and 4 natto-type samples. The Canadian Grain Commission’s Industry Services graded all of the samples. Composite samples were prepared based on end-use (generic or natto) and province (Manitoba, Ontario or Quebec). All samples were tested for protein and oil content. Composite samples were analyzed for 100-seed weight, water absorption capacity, nitrogen solubility index (NSI), and protein, oil, sugar and total isoflavones content. It is important to note that samples reported by grade do not necessarily represent the actual distribution of grade.


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