Quality of Canadian non-food grade soybeans 2013

Uses for non-food grade soybeans

There are 2 major types of soybeans grown in Canada: those commonly referred to as oil (or “crush”) beans and food grade beans. This report deals with the “non-food grade” samples and could be considered those for the feed or crushing industry.  A list of Canadian soybean varieties is provided in List of Varieties which are Registered in Canada, Variety Registration Office, Variety Section, Plant Health and Production Division, Canadian Food Inspection Agency.

Oil beans are grown for producing oil and high-protein meal. Soybean oil is used in salad oil, shortening and margarine products. Defatted soybean meal is used as a protein supplement in livestock rations. Key quality factors for oil beans are oil content, protein content, and fatty acid composition. Oil and protein content give quantitative estimates of the beans as a source of oil, and of the defatted meal as a source of protein for animal feed. Fatty acid composition provides information about the nutritional, physical and chemical characteristics of the oil extracted from the beans.