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Protection of farm-stored grains, oilseeds and pulses from insects, mites and moulds

14. Conversion factors for metric system

Imperial units Approximate conversion factor Results in
inch x 25 millimetre (mm)
foot x 30 centimetre (cm)
yard x 0.9 metre (m)
mile x 1.6 kilometre (km)
square inch x 6.5 square centimetre(cm²)
square foot x 0.09 square metre (m²)
square yard x 0.836 square metre (m²)
square mile x 259 hectare (ha)
acre x 0.40 hectare (ha)
cubic inch x 16 cubic centimetre (cm³, mL, cc)
cubic foot x 28 cubic decimetre (m³)
cubic yard x 0.8 cubic metre (m³)
fluid ounce x 28 millilitre (mL)
pint x 0.57 litre (L)
quart x 1.1 litre (L)
gallon (Imp.) x 4.5 litre (L)
gallon (U.S.) x 3.8 litre (L)
ounce x 28 gram (g)
pound x 0.45 kilogram (kg)
short ton (2000 lb) x 0.9 tonne (t)
degrees Fahrenheit (°F-32) x 0.56 or (°F-32) x 5/9 degrees Celsius (°C)
pounds per square inch x 6.9 kilopascal (kPa)
horsepower x 746
x 0.75
kilowatt (kW)
feet per second x 0.30 metres per second (m/s)
miles per hour x 1.6 kilometres per hour (km/h)
gallons per acre x 11.23 litres per hectare (L/ha)
quarts per acre x 2.8 litres per hectare (L/ha)
pints per acre x 1.4 litres per hectare (L/ha)
fluid ounces per acre x 70 millilitres per hectare (mL/ha)
tons per acre x 2.24 tonnes per hectare (t/ha)
pounds per acre x 1.12 kilograms per hectare (kg/ha)
ounces per acre x 70 grams per hectare (g/ha)
plants per acre x 2.47 plants per hectare(plants/ha)