Standard abbreviations

The following standard abbreviations are used in inspection reports, official records and certificates.

Term Abbreviation
account AC
adhered hulls ADHULLS
adhered soil ADHS
admixture ADMX
aflatoxin AFL
all rail A/R
alternate grade ALT GRD
amber durum AD
appears to be ATB
approximately APPROX
artificial stain ART STND
aspiration ASP
aspiration, roughage and broken ASPRHGEBKN
attrition ATT
Avery bushel A bu
azuki (adzuki) AZU
barley BLY
barley of other classes BOOC
barley of other types BOOT
beans BEN
binburnt BBT
binburnt, severely mildewed, rotted, mouldy BBTSEVMILROTMLDY
black BLK
black hilum BHIL
black turtle BKT
blackeye BKE
blackpoint BLK PT
bleached BLCH
blue-eye mould BEM
brake end BE
bran pellets BRAN PLTS
broken BKN
broken after cleaning BKNACL
broken and shrunken BKN&SHR
broken deducted BKN DED
broken grain BKN GRN
broken left BKN LEFT
broken or shrunken BKN OR SHR
brown BRN
brown hilum BRNHIL
buckwheat BWT
Canada CAN
Canada Eastern CE
Canada Prairie Spring CPS
Canada Prairie Spring Red CPSR
Canada Prairie Spring White CPSW
Canada Western CW
Canada Western Red Spring CWRS
Canada Western Red Winter CWRW
canario CNRO
canary seed CNY SD
canola CNL
canola and mustard seed CNL & MUS
canola / mustard seed CNL/MUS
canola meal CNL MEAL
centimetre cm
Century CNTY
cereal grain C GRN
chaff CHF
chaff and dust CHF & DUST
chickpeas CHKPEA
chlorophyll CHLL
clean CLN
clover CLV
cockle COC
cockle other classes COC OCL
colour, colours CLR
commercially clean CCLN
composite COMP
condemned CNDM
confectionery CONF
conspicuous admixture CADMX
container CONT
contaminated CONTAM
contrasting classes CON CL
contrasting colours CON CLR
copper COP
corn CRN
cow cockle CCOC
cracked CRKD
cracked corn CC
cracked corn and foreign material CCFM
cracked seed coat CSDC
cracked seed coats including splits CSDC&SPLTS
cranberry CBY
damage DMG
damaged DMGD
damage, foreign material and contrasting classes DMGFMCONCL
damp DP
damp extra DP EX
damp sample DP SPLE
damp sample Canada DP SPLE CAN
dark green speckled DGS
dark immature DKIM
dark hilum DHIL
dark red kidney DRK
dashaway DSHY
deducted DED
degermed DGM
dehulled DHULL
dehulled seed DHULL SD
dehydrated DEH
destination DEST
destroyed DST
different DIFF
different classes combined DCC
different grades combined DGC
discoloured DCLR
distinctly detrimental DDET
distinctly green DGR
dockage DKG
dockage excreta DKG EXCR
domestic DOM
domestic mustard seed DMS
domestic seeds and green and tfm DSDSGRNTFM
downy mildew DWNY MIL
dutch brown DBR
earth pellets EP
eastern E
elevator ELEV
empty, clean and dry ECD
ergot ERG
ergoty ERGY
excreta EXCR
experimental EXPRMTL
export ready ER
extra EX
extra strong ES
fababeans FBN
fair colour FCLR
fairly good colour FGCLR
fairly sound FSND
fairly sweet FST
feed FD
falling number FN
fertilizer FERT
fertilizer pellets FERT PLTS
finale FNLE
fireburnt FBNT
flaxseed FLX
flax pellets FLX PLTS
fm is excluded as a grading factor FMXGF
food FOOD
foreign material FM
foreign material excluding cereal FMXCGRN
foreign material excluding cereal grains and wild oats FMXCGRNWO
foreign material excluding grain FMXGRN
foreign material excluding other grains FMXOG
foreign material excluding other cereal grains FMXOCG
frost FR
frost light FR LT
frost severe FR SEV
frost total FR TOT
fusarium damage FUS DMG
fusarium mould FUS MLD
general purpose GP
germination GERM
glabrous GLB
good natural colour GNCLR
grade GRD
grading factor GRD FAC
grade improvement GRDIMP
grain GRN
gram g
grass green GRASS GR
grasshopper parts GPT
grey hilum GHIL
great northern GTN
green GR
green peas GR PEA
guaranteed G
hail damage H DMG
handpick HP
handpick coarse material HP CURSMTL
handpick earth pellets HP EP
handpick foreign material HP FM
handpick hulled seed HP HULL SD
handpick inseparable material HP INSPMTL
handpick other grain HP OG
handpick roughage HP RHGE
handpick vegetable matter HP VM
hard red spring HRS
hard red winter HRW
hard vitreous kernels HVK
hard white spring HWS
hard white winter HWW
heated HTD
heat stress HTS
head rot HEAD ROT
heated binburnt HTD BBT
heavy HVY
hectolitre hL
held HLD
hp coarse material HPCURSMTL
hulled/hulless HULL
hulled and broken HULLBKN
hulls HULLS
identity preserved IP
immature IM
inconspicuous admixture INC ADMX
inert material INERT MTL
Indianhead INDNHD
inferior variety INF VAR
injurious seeds INJ SDS
insect damage I DMG
insect excreta I EXCR
insect parts I PARTS
inseparable admixture INSEP ADMX
inseparable seeds INSEP SDS
invisible loss INV
kernels KRNL
kilograms kg
kilograms per hectolitre kg/hL
knuckles KNKLS
knuckles and straw KNKL&STR
knuckles, straw and chaff KNKLSSTRCHF
lady’s thumb LTHMB
large LGE
large seeds LSDS
large seeds and broken grain LSDS & BKN GRN
large seeds and chaff LSDS&CHF
large seeds and small seeds LSDS&SSDS
large seeds left in LSDS LEFT
large seeds other than wild buckwheat LSDS XW BWT
lb/bu Avery Lb/bu-A
lb/bu Winchester Lb/bu-W
Lenca LNCA
lentils LNT
light LT
light red kidney LRK
lightweight LTWT
litre L
machine separation MS
malt barley MALT BLY
malt pellets MALT PLTS
maple MAP
material MTL
material other than splits MOTSPLTS
matter other than cereal grains MOTCG
mechanical damage including splits MDMGINCSPLTS
midge MDGE
mildew MIL
mildewed kernels MIL KRNL
millilitre mL
millimetre mm
millet MLT
mineral matter MIN MAT
mineral matter including stones MINMATINCSTNS
mixed MXD
mixed classes MXD CL
mixed colours MXD CLR
mixed grain MXG
mixed types MXD TYP
mixed varieties MXD VAR
moderate weathering MWEATH
moist MT
moist sample MT SPLE
moisture test MST
mouldy MLDY
mouldy kernels MLDY KRNL
mustard seed MUS
musty MUSTY
natural stain NSTN
net dockage NET DKG
no brake end NBE
non-registered variety NON REGV
not commercially clean NCC
not of good natural colour NGNCLR
not officially inspected NOFFINSP
not ready for export NRE
not reasonably good colour NREASGCLR
not reasonably sweet NREASST
not uniform in size NUS
not well screened NWSCD
number NO
numbers NOS
oats OAT
oat pellets OAT PLTS
objectionable OBJ
objectionable odour OBJ ODOR
ochratoxin OTA
odd heated ODD HTD
odour ODOR
off-colour OFFCLR
oil OIL
orange OR
oriental ORIENT
other OTHER
other cereal grains OCG
other cereal grains and other matter OCGOM
other cereal grains excluding wheat OCGXWHT
other cereal grains excluding wheat and barley OCGXWHT&BLY
other classes OCL
other classes of beans that blend OCLBB
other classes of flax OCLFLX
other classes that blend OCL BL
other colour bicolour other than mixed soybean OCLRBICLROTMXDSYB
other colours OCLR
other conspicuous admixture OCA
other damaged ODMG
other distinctly detrimental seeds ODDET
other foreign material OFM
other grain OG
other grain not wheat OGXWHT
other grains OGS
other hulless variety OHLSVAR
other inseparable admixture OINSEPADMIX
other large seeds OLSDS
other matter OM
other pulses OPLSE
other than OT
other varieties OVAR
out of EX
partition PART
peabean PBN
peas PEA
peas of other colours POOCLR
peeled PLD
peeled and broken PLD BKN
peeled, split and broken PLDSPLTBKN
pelleted PLTD
pelleted screenings PLTD SCG
pellets PLTS
penetrated PENT
penetrated smudge PENT SM
perforated PERF
perforation damage PERF DMG
Phyto Certificate issued PHY
pink PNK
pink kernels PNK KRNL
pinto PNT
plump PLMP
poor colour PCLR
prairie PRIE
probe P
protein PROT
pulses other than green, yellow or orange peas PULSESOTGRYELORORGPEA
pure PURE
quality QUAL
ragweed RAG WD
rapeseed RPE
rapid visco analysis RVA
reasonably good colour RGCLR
reasonably good natural colour RGNCLR
reasonably sound REASSND
red R
red spring RS
red winter RW
registered REG
rejected REJ
riddle RDLE
rotted ROT
rotted kernels ROT KRNL
roughage RHGE
roughage and aspiration RHGE&ASP
roughage and hulls RHGE&HULL
roughage including riddle RGHEINCLRDLE
roughage, large seeds and broken RHGELSDSBKN
rough awn RAWN
round-hole RH
ruptured RUP
rye RYE
rye pellets RYE PLTS
safflower SAF
safflower seed SAFF SD
said to be STB
salvage SLVG
sample SPLE
sample Canada SPLE CAN
sample feed grain SFG
sample spilt SPLE SPILT
sample too small STS
sawfly SFLY
scab damage SCAB DMG
scanner colour SCAN CLR
Sclerotinia sclerotiorum SCL
screenings SCG
seed SD
seed coats SDC
seeds SDS
seeds and destroyed SDS&DST
select SEL
separation SEPN
severe midge damage SEVMDGE
severely damaged SEVDMG
severely mildewed SEVMIL
severely sprouted SEVSPTD
shale SHALE
shrivelled SHV
shrunken SHR
sieve SVE
sieves SIEVES
six-row 6 ROW
slightly stained SSTND
slotted SLTD
slotted sieve SLTD SVE
slotted sieve #5.5 SL5.5
small SML
small broken SBKN
small red SRD
small seeds SSDS
small seeds and dust SSDS&DUST
small seeds, chaff and dust SSDSCHF&DUST
smooth awn SAWN
smudge SM
smudge including blackpoint SMINCBLKPT
smudge total TOT SM
smut SMUT
smutty SMTY
soft earth pellets SEP
soft red winter SRW
soft white SW
soft white spring SWS
sorghum SRG
sound SND
sound whole green peas SNDWHGRPEA
sound whole yellow peas SNDWHYELPEA
soybeans SYB
soybeans of other colours SOOCLR
special SPEC
special bin SPEC BIN
special cleaning SCLN
special machine separation SMS
special select SPECSEL
split SPLT
split green peas SPLTGRPEA
split yellow pea SPLTYELPEA
splits SPLTS
splits, damage, foreign material and contrasting classes SPDMGFMCC
splits in dockage SPLTSDKG
spring SPG
sprouted SPTD
stained STND
stained kernels STND KRNL
standard STD
starchy STCH
stones STNS
straw STRAW
strong STG
subject to grade SGD
submitted S
sunflower SUN
sunflower seed SUN SD
superficial discolouration SUPDISCLR
Tartarian buckwheat TART BWT
test weight TWT
thin THIN
thin (5/64x3/4 slotted) THIN(5/64X3/4)
tombstone TOMBST
tonne t
total TOT
total adhered hulls TOTADHHL
total attrition and seeds TATT&SDDS
total broken TBKN
total bleached including copper TBLCHINCCOP
total cockle and sclerotia TCOCSCL
total cockle and sclerotinia TCOCSCL
total conspicuous admixture TCA
total cracked seed coats including splits TCSDCISPLT
total damage TDMG
total damage and foreign material TDMG&FM
total damage, foreign material, contrasting classes TDMGFMCON
total damage including wrinkled TDMGINCWRKL
total damage, splits, foreign material and contrasting classes TDMGSPFMCN
total distinctly detrimental TDD
total dockage TOT DKGE
total foreign material TFM
total foreign material including dockage TFMINCDKG
total foreign material including other cereal grains TFMINCOCG
total foreign material including sclerotia TFMINCSCL
total including contrasting classes TINCCONCL
total including damage, foreign material and contrasting classes TINCDMGFMCONCL
total including inseparable seeds TINCINSEPSDS
total including non-registered varieties TINCNONREGVAR
total including splits, damage, foreign material and contrasting classes TINCSPLTSDMGFMCONCL
total inseparable seeds TINSEPSDS
total large seeds and wild oats TLSD&WO
total other cereal grain TOCG
total other classes and bleached TOCLBLCH
total other oilseeds and inseparable seeds TOOSDSINSEPSDS
total removable material TRMAT
total roughage TOT RHGE
total small seeds, large seeds, wild oats, roughage, broken grain TSDLSWORB
total seeds and aspiration TSDS&ASP
total seeds and attrition TSDS&ATT
total seeds and roughage TSDS&RHGE
total seeds and wild oats TSDS&WO
total seeds roughage and attrition TSDSR&A
total shrunken and broken TSHRBKN
total small seeds and roughage TSSDS&RHGE
total small seeds, attrition, dust and chaff TSSDSATTDUSTCHF
total small seeds, chaff, dust and hulls TSSDSCHFDUST&HULLS
total small seeds, roughage and attrition TSSDSR&A
total smudge TOT SM
total smudge and blackpoint TSMBLKPT
total splits and damage TSPLT DMG
total sprouted TSPTD
total wheat heads knuckles straw and chaff TWHDKNSTCF
total wheat of other classes TWOOC
tough TF
tough sample TF SPLE
tough sample Canada TF SPLE CAN
trace TR
trace heated TR HTD
trailer TRLR
Trapper TRAP
triticale TCL
Triumph TRPH
truck TRCK (T with EIS)
two-row 2 ROW
unapproved variety UNA VAR
United States of America USA
utility U
varietal purity not guaranteed VPNG
variety VAR
varieties with adhered hulls VARADHHLS
vegetable matter VM
very immature seeds VIM SDS
vomitoxin DON
warehouse WHSE
weathered WEATH
weed seeds in handpick WDSDS HP
weight WGT
western W
wet WT
wet sample WT SPLE
wheat WHT
wheat class declared by shipper WCD
wheat heads WHT HDS
wheat of other classes WOOC
white WTE
white cap WCAP
white hilum WHIL
white hilum grain WHIL GRN
white kidney WKD
white winter WW
whole grain WHOLE GRN
whole green pea WHOLE GRPEA
whole yellow pea WHOLE YELPEA
wild buckwheat W BWT
wild mustard WM
wild mustard and canola/rapeseed WM&CNL/RPE
wild mustard and rapeseed WMRPE
wild oats WO
Winchester bushel W bu
winter WIN
wrinkled WRKL
yellow YEL
yelloweye YLE
yellow-seeded flax YELSDFLX
zearalenone ZER
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